VLOG Ep 16 Finding the real horse experts and the right questions to ask them

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Join me on this wintry ride through the German country side, pondering on questions about experts. Somehow the horse world seems to be one where certain people hide their lack of knowledge behind a facade of intimidation.

And some of the best and most solid horse people at the same time are the most quiet and sweetest people. Luis Valenca once said to Rupert when he said thank you for the lesson “Oh Rupert, that was not a lesson we just had a discussion about various aspects of horse training.”

So how can we be sure that the people we are trusting with our horses are true experts? The simple answers is Ask The Right Questions!
Join me on the ride and find out a few of the key questions we have learned to ask people.

Like usual please comment below or reach out to us with questions. We love hearing from you!

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