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A Horse Training and Self-Care Program for Horse People

Horses set us free. At least that is how it should be. Yet, many of us end up down a rabbit hole of perfectionism, that ends up being a cage for us and our horse. Can it be different? Can we pursue excellence and joy at the same time? Follow the three programs on this website and you will find, that yes, a pursuit of excellence can, indeed, will finally also be the path of joy. The door to the cage is finally open. Combined together these three programs one for the spirit, one for the mind, and one for the actual technical side for training and maintaining your horse, to a level you thought was reserved for only the higher priesthood of riders, is now open to you. Take your Long Ride Home.

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Just Released: Little Besa Online Course

We are rather excited about this. We have been filming away and working on our Little Besa course. Finally it is ready. It is accessible to all Silver Members and can be found here.

In this course we cover the importance of a spiritual connection. Yours with the world around you.

Rupert addresses this by explaining what Shamanism is, how it is vital for us, how a spiritual connection helps us find joy and healing. And most importantly, how we can continue to keep this joy.

We also look at the Law of Attraction, how that helps us and how to apply it. And like usually we do cover what the science says.

Join the course, join the ride, join joy!

Most Recent Tutorials:

Helios Harmony, Face Your Bull and Little Besa

Why Do I Want To Start My Long Ride Home?

Helios Harmony

Ever wondered how the iconic classical dressage schools produced those amazing horses. Helios Harmony sheds light on the forgotten system that brings both horse and rider excellence and joy.

Face Your Bull

Change your thoughts, change your life. Learn how to effectively grow yourself a new brain. Understand the neuroscience behind your blips and how to get beyond them. Find joy by de-funking your life.

Little Besa

The head alone cannot get you through life. Tapping into the heart and the gut are the real keys to success. The world of the spirit goes back to the core of what it means to be human. Shamans, healers – what do these words even mean. Learn to harness the law of attraction to set yourself free.

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