Vlog Ep 2: March 1st Exercise of the Month – The Snowman

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It is already March! Where did the first 2 months of 2023 go?

The extremely exciting thing is it starts to feel and look a bit like spring. Including the migratory birds starting to return.

As you might know we are putting each month 2 exercises of the month out. One for in hand work the other one for ridden work. This month’s exercise is building on the one from February. Then we had a in hand spiral in a circle and also a reducing of circle size for the ridden work to help the horse and rider plan ahead and work on the basics like rhythm, suppleness and connection. But also with the possibility to add advanced movements into the exercise.

This months we are looking at The Snowman. Check out the video below to get an idea of how The Snowman looks like and then head over to our Helios Harmony Exercise of the Month section.

Let us know in the comments if you tried the exercise and what you learned.

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