Out in Nature

Building the happiness one second at a time

Happiness sometimes doesn’t come naturally, part of it is our genetic make-up part of it our lived experience, and part of it our current situation. There are probably many more factors to it, but this is probably a good starting point. In this tutorial join Rupert on a ride through the woods with Helios and...

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Vlog Ep7: Exercise of the Month June is out

Never Shut up! and Monkey Communications It’s already June! The new exercises of the month have just been released. This month join us exploring the concepts of “Never Shut Up!” and “Monkey Communications”. Watch to learn more and find the full exercises on https://longridehome.com/hh horse #longridehome #livefreeridefree #findjoy #horsemanship #betweentheears #equestrian #horseriding #vlog #equestrianvlog