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If you have ever wondered, how the amazing horses at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, or the royal schools of Lisbon, or Jerez, or the Cadre Noir were trained, and if you have ever wondered if it might be possible to train your horse along the same lines, then Helios Harmony is for you.

If you have ever wanted to have the full, three dimensional freedom of the horse, seemingly at your finger tips, so that the horse becomes almost an extension of your thoughts, Helios Harmony is for you.

If you have ever wondered why some horses seem to really express joy as they do their work, then Helios Harmony is for you. If you have ever wanted to experience really ecstatic union with your horse, Helios Harmony is for you.

The good news is that there is a system. An ancient system, handed from one generation to another. It’s not the same system that sport dressage is based on – it’s much older and more universal. It’s not about performing for a judge and gaining points. It’s about the horse being all he can be. Not just in terms of movements but in terms of his mind and his soul.

You don’t have to be a dressage rider, you don’t even have to be a rider, because two thirds of the work is done on the ground. All you need is an open mind, a desire to learn, and an equine partner to learn to dance with, because it is a dance – that is what makes it so joyful.

Your steps to joy:

  1. Take the short Introduction Course so you know how the system – based on lunging, in hand work, and riding – all fits together.
  2. Then start begin the in depth course “Helios Harmony: The Forgotten System” with your own horse. If you follow this diligently, it will take you from Zero to Piaffe (which is the gateway to three dimensional movement on the horse) over a period of several months that allows you and your horse to absorb, digest and understand the training in an un-rushed joyful way. You will also learn how to use the system, not just to train horses, but also to rehab injured horses, and bring traumatized horses back to joyful work with humans. One system does it all.
  3. Once you have brought your horse through the end of the course, start working through the other courses and tutorials to further develop you and your horse’s equestrian, finding ever greater levels of joy. Technical stuff such as the many approaches to flying changes, pirouettes, ridden laterals even up to airs above the ground, are all included in the tutorials, as is jumping, tricks, fitness and equine well being. But it is important that you complete the main course first so that you and your horse have the necessary foundation to explore these tutorials meaningfully. Because the more you understand the greater the joy.
  4. You can also drop us a line any time via Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp to schedule a private consultation about your particular journey, or lesson targeting a certain exercise or goal, via online tools as well as personalized support as you work through the courses.

Helios Harmony Online Courses:

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Free Introduction Course

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Helios Harmony: The Forgotten System

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Helios Harmony: Nerding out about the Theory

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Helios Training ‘schedule’: Preparation of the Horse’s Body and Mind

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A Roadmap From In Hand Beginnings To Piaffe

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The History of the Horse and Riding

Helios Harmony Tutorials:

Once you get beyond the basic piaffe, the nuances of horse training and development become very complex. There are so many variables – type, breed, age, temperament, both of horse and rider, that trying to push everything under the umbrella of one course would end up being to long for a course and still to general to be truly useful. For this reason once people have created the balance in mind and body of an easy piaffe, we then find it more helpful for people to look at tutorials based around specific types of horse and rider or exercise and then decide which of these seem to be most appropriate to their own context. So for this reason we have created and will continue to create more and more tutorials, that help you navigate your way up through the higher levels of the training.

If you find that your particular context is not yet represented in our tutorials, drop us a line via Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp or email and tell us. We can then create that tutorial for you.

Below are our most recent Helios Harmony Tutorials. For all tutorials check the sidebar of this website and use our tag cloud to find specific areas of interest. We try and tag all our tutorials including exercises, breeds, or other characteristics of horse and rider.

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