Vlog Ep 1: Is riding still taught in a way that serves the needs of today’s horses and humans?

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Hi guys this is rather exciting and terrifying. We have been talking about starting a blog or Vlog for a little while but have not gotten to it.

So finally the weather was nice, I had the GoPro with me, and was riding though the beautiful Taunus countryside. And started recording this first episode of our Vlog.

In this episode I am talking about the question if riding is still taught in a manner that suits our demographic of riders and what we understand now about how horses and humans can learn or how not.

So tune in, and I hope you enjoy this.

Comment below, let us know how you feel. If you have found your bit of heaven and if so where and what makes it heaven, or if you are still looking for it.

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3 thoughts on “Vlog Ep 1: Is riding still taught in a way that serves the needs of today’s horses and humans?”

  1. Totally agree with the type of riders coming through and the need to explain why we do things and build empathy and communication between rider and horse. Beautiful riding spot.

    1. Hi NikNik, thank you for your comment and wohoooo you are the first comment on my Vlog (where are my celebrating emojis??).

      You know what, I have the feeling the current dominating institutions are going to be sidelined a bit. I feel they will continue to exist because the big sport will continue to exist, but I feel the masses will find their own organizations and groups that will make it more fun and joyful for the rider that is in it for the joy.

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