Vlog Ep: 14 – Perspective taking and the need for comfort

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I must admit.. I really don’t like wet, and i really don’t like cold. I would possibly even go s far as to I hate it. And what I consider cold might be for others still somewhat tropical. I can do 15C with sun. But… it’s sort of my nose really. Somehow as soon as it goes lower than 20C my nose turn red. Like really red. And no Gluehwein (the German hot spiced wine) is not involved. It’s true many people on Christmas Markets get really nicely red noses from the cold and the wine, but I can do it all by myself, without wine. And with what others might consider not cold at all yet.

Anyway, needless to say, the German climate in winter is not my favorite. But, join me on the Vlog taking about perspective and how we can help ourselves following our noses and finding the good things in maybe not so ideal for us situations.

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