Live Free Ride Free Podcast Ep 5 with Linda Tellington-Jones – TTouch

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Linda Tellington Jones is a true legend. In the horse world, in the world of human healing, in the world of dogs, in the world in general… TTouch, an easy, effective way of resetting the nervous system for animals and humans, is a global movement. Linda’s 22 books on the subject have been translated into multiple languages and have sold uncounted copies. Those who have tried TTouch, whether for animals or humans, all report massive improvements in both physical and emotional conditions. Now in her 80s, Linda still travels the world teaching, inspiring, constantly developing new aspects to her method = and also learning, never resting on her laurels, always curious to know more.

But who is Linda Tellington Jones? How did she go from a farm girl in far northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories to becoming one of the leading horsewomen in the world, to becoming one of the most sought=after neuro-reprogramming mentors in the world? What exactly is TTouch and how did it develop into one of the leading healing modalities currently in use today?

The journey takes us from Canada to California to Germany via Russian gypsy horse whisperers, through mentorship under the legendary Moshe Feldenkrais, to struggles with her own health and happiness, and how Linda has had to learn to use the techniques for her own conditions of Hashimoto’s Syndrome, Long COVID and brain fog  = forcing her to rise to the maxim of ‘physician heal thyself’.

Linda is candid = how what some people would regard as failed marriages and abuse were transformed into opportunities to open her mind and heart to ever widening possibilities. How the power of love and forgiveness =including that most elusive of Holy Grails = self-forgiveness, lies at the center of self-actualization. 

Any time spent with Linda Tellington -Jones is inspirational, educational, enlightening. Join us to hear her story and learn how her journey can benefit our own.

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  • I wanted to have the horse have as good a time with me as I was having with him.
  • Feel your perfection through my hands
  • And, one of the reasons that our, our horses were so good is the fact that I never allowed a person to ride a horse unless they liked the horse. And if they didn’t like that horse, they would not get on them. Because horses know when you don’t like them and they want to work for you/

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