Our Horses

Zagalote Da Cerca

Zag is a Lusitano with fabulous pedigree. He was born and bred by a Portuguese bullfighter and sold to us by Luis Valenca. He was supposed to go to the show Cavaluna, but turned out to not enjoy traveling very much. He is a home boy and likes to be with his herd. He was […]

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Bucephalus was born in Wales in 2006. He is a Lusitano and was with us as stallion in Texas. Since he is back in Germany he is a gelding. He is very much Iliane’s horse – or maybe more correct Iliane is his human. He loves to jump. Anything really. Doesn’t matter much to him

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Ding Dong

Ding Dong is a German Riding Pony born in 2012. She was born and raised in Germany and has been competed in show jumping, dressage and eventing. We got her in 2020 from a lovely family in northern Germany. Since Ding Dong has been with us she has very much become Kyrion’s pony. She also

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Conqui is a Lusitano born in the USA in 2007. He has been with us since 2010. As stallion he was never the easiest of horses. In 2018 he was gelded and joined us in Germany. When we first arrived with our daughter Freya at the barn we asked her which horse she would like

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