Zagalote Da Cerca

Zag is a Lusitano with fabulous pedigree. He was born and bred by a Portuguese bullfighter and sold to us by Luis Valenca. He was supposed to go to the show Cavaluna, but turned out to not enjoy traveling very much. He is a home boy and likes to be with his herd.

He was born in 2004 and has been with us first in Texas since 2010. He was a stallion until 2018, the year he moved with us back to Germany. Zag’s hidden talent which he absolutely adores is cross country jumping. He excels at dressage and is trained through the levels of dressage, piaffe and one times tempis. But if you ask Zag, he digs a good trail ride with technical jumps in his way.

He is also super sweet to beginner riders and let’s them feel out piaffe, passage and other advanced movements. He also works with kids with special needs that come to us.