Conqui is a Lusitano born in the USA in 2007. He has been with us since 2010. As stallion he was never the easiest of horses. In 2018 he was gelded and joined us in Germany.

When we first arrived with our daughter Freya at the barn we asked her which horse she would like to ride. She said “Conqui! He is my horse!” We took a deep breath and gave it a try. Conqui has ever since absolutely been Freyas horse, and at age 5 she writes him alone with others at walk and trot through the arena. She also does trail rides of up to 20km on a lead rope with him.

On days off Freya, Conqui loves to run up the hills of the Taunus, jumps like a demon cross country and levitates over anything one puts infront of him in the arena.

Dressage he has up to 2 times tempi, piaffe and a fabulous passage. He is confirmed in all lateral movements and also does fabulously in the long lines.