Bucephalus was born in Wales in 2006. He is a Lusitano and was with us as stallion in Texas. Since he is back in Germany he is a gelding.

He is very much Iliane’s horse – or maybe more correct Iliane is his human. He loves to jump. Anything really. Doesn’t matter much to him what it is but the more complex the better. He also jumps bridleless and loves to participate in Knights Games. He also accompanied Iliane to her Trainer Certification and was the only horse to partcipate at that workshop in all 3 disciplines – dressage, show jumping and cross country.

Bu loves to do the airs above the ground and is currently working on his ballotade. He canters in hand and helps people to feel out not only piaffe and passage but also a very collected canter, canter pirouettes and flying changes, all in hand.

Dressage he is trained through the highest levels including piaffe, passage, one time tempi, all laterals at canter, and pirouettes.

If you ask him, he tolerates the dressage to look cool, but he’d rather go foxhunting.

Bu also lays down and knows other tricks like retrieving, smile, jambettes etc.