Vlog Ep 11: Letting go of control – sometimes

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It’s stubblefield season, again!

In this Vlog I’m talking about letting go of control. I think horses possibly attracts a certain type of personality, that likes to be in charge and that likes to tell a 500kg+ animal that doesn’t speak the same language as us and is a prey animal that makes us taller, stronger, faster, more beautiful, how to place it’s 4 feet.

It sounds like an impossible task! It is not!

But counterintuitively, it requires us to let go of control sometimes. In a controlled fashion (haha – pun intended). What I mean with it is that for us, our horse, and the relationship with our horse it is extremely important to sometimes have fun, to solve solvable problems, trust and enjoy the time with each other.

In a recent podcast that I just edited but have not published yet, Rupert is interviewing Dr. Stephen Peters. A neurosurgeon that has taken a deep dive into horse brains as well. He has published with Martin Black Evidence-base Horsemanship and studies horse brains and behaviors. He says horses brains grow when they have difficult tasks that they can solve. And with the growing brain the horse becomes happier. Go to https://ntls.co/podcast and listen to Episode 5 of Equine Assisted World (Available late Aug 2023).

So let’s make them smarter and happier and let go of control. While controlling the letting go of control ??. What I really mean is keep it safe for you and your horse. Know how far you can stretch the having fun and do it in a way that it ends with having fun not with trauma and accidents.

With that join me on the ride and watch the video below. Make sure to watch all the way through to enjoy the stubblefield gallop at the end!

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