Vlog Ep 6: Challenge – Form your RIATS Club!

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I think this one is a really, really, really, really important and really, really, really, really overlooked subject!

RIATS stands for Riding Is A Teams Sport. What we mean is not that you should go compete at competitions that allow teams to enter. What we mean is to really find joy and succeed.

Think of your RIATS club as your Master Mind group or your Think Tank. A group of people that will commit to you and you commit to. A group that will really support and help share resources and knowledge.

Watch the video for more info. This is also a subject that I will build on so stay tuned and please check back I will put the check lists on here that I promise in the video after the Easter Holidays!

Spoiler alert: the lil one in the back is definitively in my RIATS Club! Who is in yours? Comment blow.

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