Vlog Ep 4: The importance of Rider Fitness

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What we really want to do is ride and just have fun with our horses. Do we really need to bother being fit? Why should I care. My horse carries me, right?

Well as all riders that read this here know, it’s not that easy. Sitting on 500kg of animal and trying to get him to seemingly read our minds and just do what we want him to do – be it jumping a fence, racing around barrels, or just take us up to the next restaurant – it just takes a physical effort on us.

We are sitting on an animal that can go 3 dimensionally, and ideally do we not only not want to fall off, but we also want it to be enjoyable for us and the horse.

Our fitness and (core) strength is in direct relationship with how independent – and thus without either clamping on to legs or reins – we can sit on the horse.

Join me on the walk and let’s discuss rider fitness:

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