Iliane Lorenz

Iliane Lorenz was born in Germany and has trained with both that system and the French/Portuguese (Valenca) system too. This makes her very versatile: whether it’s Iberian horses, Warmbloods, Quarter Horses or something in between. The same goes for riders – whether they are primarily interested in sport or in equestrian art or just want to use the dressage to improve their general riding – Iliane can adapt the system to suit your needs. An all rounder she enjoys jumping and therapy riding in the Horse Boy style as much as dressage. But uses the dressage to prepare her horses no matter what their eventual specialization will be. Iliane has trained many horses right through piaffe, passage, tempi changes, pirouettes, Spanish walk, and more but she loves to bring on the green horses and get them really going. With riders she truly loves helping people who have been stuck in the lower levels of dressage, get a really detailed understanding of the aids, breaking them down into lots of tiny and therefore easy pieces and thus helping the rider break through their blocks and find the door into Narnia‚Ķ