Ep 14: Ginny Jordan – Therapist, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist on Podcast Live Free Ride Free

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There are people out there in the world who make good things happen. The good things you see on your news feeds – not the doom scrolling.

The good documentaries you might have watched, the projects fighting climate change, AIDS, human rights abuses and the like – its often easy to forget that there are actual individuals behind the scenes making these things happen, then helping them get out to the audiences that need them, and finally leveraging those projects into actual change both at a policy level and for real lives of real people living in those conditions.

Ginny Jordan is one of these behind the scenes individuals – whether it was pioneering alternative education in the USA, helping women and children – first in Africa, and then all over the world living with HIV to form businesses, through Bead for Life and Street Business School,  whether it was bringing Climate Change to cinemas and televisions around the world through the groundbreaking movies Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral, and then helping to support the organizations finding the solutions to these pressing issues of our times, or whether…well you’ll have to listen to find out what she’s up to now. 

It can sound like a grand litany of successes, but in ever self actualized life there is, well, a life. Ginny has battled multiple bouts of cancer, crippling fights with Meuniere’s Disease, and has had large parts of herself cut away. She knows what it is to be a mother battling these challenges and at the same time trying to make sure the kids are OK.

Bottom line, Ginny Jordan is one of the most effective people on the planet, while at the same time living daily with the very human realities of frailty and physical limitation. How do people like her do it? Listen on and be inspired.

Books, Films, Causes & Contact:
Book: Clear Cut. It’s by Ginny Jordan
Bead for Life: www.beadforlife.org

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